Deciding when to move forward with a dissolution or legal separation is very personal. It is common for clients to consult with an attorney but hold off filing until “the time is right.” Often there are concerns about the impact on the children, obtaining employment, or relocation.

We never pressure anyone to file for dissolution or separation. However, once a client has made up their mind to end the marriage, it is best to proceed for several reasons.

First, the case oftentimes becomes more difficult and expensive when the parties have waited “until something happens” such as infidelity, domestic violence, or misappropriation of marital funds. Once something like this has occurred, you have to work through the blame and emotional pain on top of all the other issues.

Second, once the case is filed, a statutory financial restraining order takes effect, protecting against one party selling property, canceling insurance policies, or taking other disruptive action.

Third, the healing can begin sooner, so you can move on with your life. Dragging out a doomed marriage rarely improves mental health.

Contact us at the Law Offices of Daniel Peters early on, well before deciding to file, so you have ample time to consider your choices carefully. Then, once you know it is over, take action responsibly.