Child Support

The state of Oregon provides a basic child support calculator, but while the calculator provides a guideline support calculation for every child support case in Oregon, that’s only part of the analysis.  An attorney like Dan Peters with experience in child support cases knows how factors not mentioned in the calculator can influence the final numbers.

All calculations have a basis in parental incomes and expenses. The guidelines are determined by monthly earnings, insurance costs, and the number of overnights spent with each parent, amongst other constants.  But not every nuance of your life will fit neatly into a pre-designed spreadsheet.  Some of the possible factors for the court to consider in ordering a different amount from the child support guidelines are:

  • Financial resources available to the parents, including those afforded by a new spouse
  • The net remaining income of a parent after paying child support
  • Special hardships of a parent
  • A cost-benefit analysis of the custodial parent being a full-time parent and homemaker
  • Special needs of a child
  • Extra child-related expenses

A full list of the rebuttal factors allowed under Oregon law can be found here.

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