Custody and Parenting Time

Our clients almost always consider their children a top priority.  We are dedicated to helping clients craft parenting plans that are child-focused, clearly worded, and easy to use.  Our goal is always to obtain a parenting plan both parents agree upon and which resolves issues without the stress and cost of court litigation.  If necessary, however, we are prepared to proceed to trial and seek the appropriate results from the judge.

The court is authorized to approve custody and parenting time that is in the best interest of the children.  A well-crafted parenting plan should provide a clear schedule for holidays, vacations, etc., so you can focus on enjoying time with your kids.  This should promote a smoother interaction between the parents.

In certain cases, it is important to let emotions subside to the point where each parent can focus on putting their children’s needs first.  We have extensive experience in finding creative solutions when tensions run high between family members.  Counseling and mediation oftentimes can help parents transition through this process.  Overall, our cases require skilled negotiations and strong advocacy, and, occasionally, referrals to psychologists or other experts.

In our view, your children shouldn’t be dragged through unnecessary battles. At Daniel Peters Law, we can help you avoid that and instead build a parenting plan that works for everyone.

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