Firm Overview

The Law Office of Daniel Peters is located in downtown Portland, Oregon, and focuses on family law and domestic relations cases in the greater Portland area.  Our practice has recently represented clients in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Columbia, Polk, and Marion Counties and beyond.  We handle all aspects of divorce, separation, asset division, child and spousal support, custody/parenting plans, and post-judgment modifications.  We also provide strong representation in restraining order and stalking order matters.


We believe that success in Family Law requires a multi-dimensional approach: goal assessment and education up front, creative negotiation focused on settlement, and, if necessary, strong advocacy in court.  We know our clients do not want unnecessary conflict, but understand their need for protection.  Our goal is to empower clients with a greater understanding of the legal process to better shape their decisions now and in the future.  We promise you that:

  • We will always be there to listen with care and compassion.
  • We will provide honest and clear advice, and honor the client’s right to make the important decisions that will affect their lives.
  • We will move the case forward as efficiently as possible, and at the least cost.
  • We will support you in reaching your goals.

About Dan

With six years’ experience in criminal prosecution and trial practice and nearly 25 years of family law practice, Daniel Peters is well-versed in court procedure.

Dan was born and raised in Oregon, and graduated from Haverford College and University of Utah College of Law with honors.  He started his legal career as a prosecuting attorney in Tucson, Arizona, before coming home to Oregon, where he then served briefly as a Deputy District Attorney in Multnomah County.

After six years as a criminal prosecuting attorney, Dan joined Stahancyk & Associates, a prominent Portland family law firm, and worked as a trial attorney there for three years.  Dan then established his own office and practice in 1994.  He has shared an office suite since 1996 with Gazzola & Hull, an excellent family law firm, providing an efficient allocation of professional facilities as well as the opportunity to confer on family law matters

Dan feels privileged to have represented a wide spectrum of quality clients, including court appointments on behalf of children and abused women.  He enjoys helping good people through sometimes tough passages and getting them positive results.

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