Modifications and Enforcement of Existing Court Orders

Other than property awards, most dissolution judgment terms can be modified upon a demonstration that there has been a substantial change in circumstances.  People’s lives change and events arise. You may experience the unexpected loss of a job, or be faced with a relocation you hadn’t considered at the time of the divorce.  You may simply be facing the changing needs of growing children.  All of these can render the current court order outdated and inappropriate, and create a need for modifications.

We can help you determine how your changing needs can be best served by a modification of your existing court orders, or how to respond to a modification sought by a former spouse.

Enforcement actions become necessary when a party refuses to follow the terms of the dissolution judgment or other court order. We have extensive experience in handling contempt matters and other enforcement proceedings.  Frequently, we request from the court an order for reimbursement of legal fees expended on your behalf.  People should honor their agreements and orders of the court, and we provide strong advocacy to protect our clients from those who don’t.

In short, we are here to help in post-judgment matters when the need arises.

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